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"We get to know each other"

Choosing a non officiant wedding celebrant & speaker is a very personal thing.

The chemistry between us has to be right, that's the requirement for an

unforgettable and beautiful wedding.

I suggest that we get to know each other in person.

Just send me an inquiry with your wedding date and location, and if i'm available,

we'll meet for a non-binding and free get-to-know-you.

I look forward meeting you.

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Alle Videos

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Book a free initial consultation with me

Let's talk about your big day and how we can make it unforgettable.

The conversation is free of charge and serves to get to know each other personally.

Freie Trauung

WEDDING CEREMONIES with a secular wedding officiant

Stühle Trauung am See festlich_edited.jpg
 a wedding ceremony non official

in Switzerland or abroad

At a non official wedding ceremony, you and your love story are the focus.

I will implement your wedding ceremony according to your wishes, with many possibilities and ideas to make your ceremony as personal, emotional and unique as you are.

We can also include various rituals, old traditions, your music wishes, a ring exchange or a mutual wedding vow.

Your parents, witnesses or children can of course also be an important part of your personal wedding ceremony.

Would you like to get married by the lake, in a castle, on the mountain, in the forest, in a fancy hotel or on the beach?

No problem at all, I wed you at the place that you associate with beautiful memories.

Whether in Switzerland, on Sylt or Mallorca - I'm there.

Because your special love story deserves to be told and everyone should understand it.

You met abroad, on holiday, during your studies abroad, on your around the world trip, or come from different cultures and traditions and would like a bilingual wedding?

No problem!

I would be happy to wed you in charming high german

or / in english.

Traubogen am Strand_edited_edited.jpg
Eheversprechen erneuern
älteres Brautpaar am Strand - Ehegelübde erneuern.jpeg
renew vows

Would you like to set a romantic sign and say YES a second time? You have been together for several years and have mastered ups and downs together.

You want to renew your love once more with your children, family and friends, beautiful!

I would be happy to advise you on the possible course of the ceremony with rituals, old traditions and your children.

You as a couple have matured and become wiser over the years.

Your family circles have expanded and new heart people have joined.

See it as a wonderful way to celebrate a nice party, to reunite the whole family and celebrate life and love!

Your love story will come alive again in a beautiful way for you and your guests.

At a very special place for you, with very special people.

same sex
lesbisches Brautpaar im weissen Kleid am Strand.jpeg
same-sex union

The time has finally come in Switzerland, and homosexual couples are legally recognized as married couples and can seal their YES word.

A free wedding also offers you the opportunity to celebrate this important event for a sealed life together with family and friends extensively and to celebrate in a romantic ceremony.

I tell your love story emotionally, entertainingly relaxed, yet intoxicating and moving.

You choose the location yourself, whether by the lake or barefoot on the beach.

I look forward to your unique love story and your wishes.

I would be happy to advise you on any rituals that we can include in the context of the wedding ceremony.

                    Love is love!

lesbisches Brautpaar im weissen Kleid am Strand.jpeg
Mikrofon Festlokation.jpeg
wedding singer

Every wedding is unique and one of the most beautiful moments of a couple.

The joint celebration with family and friends is a wonderful celebration, with smiling faces and great emotions that remain unforgettable.

To accompany these strong feelings with my voice and your favorite songs gives me a lot of joy.

As your wedding singer, I provide the musical framework and also like to sing "your absolutely favorite song".

I am happy to advise you on the optimal song selection during your ceremony, so that your day remains musically unforgettable.

voice audition test:

that's what friends are for
like a virgin
Only hope
La vie en rose

How much does a wedding ceremony cost?

The heart of your wedding

I would be happy to create an individual offer for your non officiant wedding ceremony.

Please let me know your wishes, visions and ideas that you have regarding your ceremony.

Nothing is impossible!

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