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I am a "non officiant wedding celebrant", speaker, storyteller and singer with passion and I love to inspire people.

From human to human, from heart to heart!

Every love story, every couple is unique - one of a kind. So also is a non official wedding



Whether relaxed, modern, humorous or unusual. Everything is possible!

It is not always easy to put feelings into words and to express them.

I wrap your story in unforgettable and emotional words.

I will design a personal, emotional and tailor-made ceremony for you.

Your experiences, your ideas, hopes and your LOVE, presented and put into words by me.

I look forward to hearing from you as a couple and your unique love and life story.

It doesn't matter whether I wed woman & man, woman & woman or man & man.

I just like people and their individual stories.

No matter what life brings, LOVE stands always above everything....

Do you want to tell me your individual story?

My vision:

leaving a positive mark and emotions on people...

yours with love,

your love - your life - your story  
told by me...

Who am I?

I originally come from Northern Germany from the Baltic Sea.

Through an exciting and challenging job offer, in the fashion industry in sales department, I moved from Cologne to beautiful Switzerland, the canton of Zurich, over 12 years ago.

Here, in addition to my professional, I also found my private happiness, as well as my new "home base", and I feel right at home.

My family and friends describe me as open, curious, emotional, tolerant, reliable, agile and down to earth. With my favorite personen I've been here for over eight connected for years and happy.

I love traveling, foreign people, countries & Getting to know cultures and constantly expanding my horizons.

I have always sung since I was little, in various choirs, including during mof a US HIGHSCHOOL year, in musicals when I was at school and later in bands, mainly cover bands.

The last few years at weddings, birthdays and funeral ceremonies.

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